Monday, 29 June 2020

my blogpost about ki-o-rahi

Today we played "Ki-o-rahi" and we were in teams and we had to split into teams  and the other team had to go by the field and play ki-o-rahi and when we vs we were attack.The other team had to defend  us. Soon after we won and then on the 2 round we lost but than it was a good game.During the 2nd  round I accidently fell down by the bin and I  couldn't play for the rest of the round.This was a good game for us since it's our last week so we actually got to excerise.


  1. Hello i like your writing of what has happen on that day so keep it up.

  2. Hi Le'Shar i really like your blog post about Kia-O-Rahi.