Monday, 29 June 2020

my blogpost about ki-o-rahi

Today we played "Ki-o-rahi" and we were in teams and we had to split into teams  and the other team had to go by the field and play ki-o-rahi and when we vs we were attack.The other team had to defend  us. Soon after we won and then on the 2 round we lost but than it was a good game.During the 2nd  round I accidently fell down by the bin and I  couldn't play for the rest of the round.This was a good game for us since it's our last week so we actually got to excerise.

Friday, 19 June 2020

leshar bioshpere 2

today we had to read about bioshpere and how it  was  made by the onwers

the school assembly

Today joseph parker came to our  school we told us to beleven yourself and nothing can beat  hard work and then mr burt told us to sing a song that only the inquiry knows but anyway we had to sing it and than we 
And he had a sister too her name elizabeth parker she came to our school to miss carter was happy and than mr burt told him to sing a song to all of us and than mr burt told us if we want to hear him sing and than most of us wanted to and  he is a boxer and he is a   professional  boxer and  he know who to play guitar and we were so shocked that he could play  guitar and than 

Parker wins world crown – Kiwi Kids News
Joseph Parker (boxer) - Wikipedia

Wednesday, 10 June 2020