Wednesday, 17 October 2018

leshar Addition W1T4

today we have done some work and i love it  and maths and the 


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

leshar Intro to Term 4 Writing - planning and writing doc.

hi this is my bolg and my mum and dad take us to the pools and the beach and than we get in to the car and go to the park and then we go back home.

What is the name of this term’s inquiry?

→ te wa toi

Based on our immersion assembly item and the inquiry name, what do you think we are going to be learning about this term/ what do you think we will be doing?

→ looking at the art and watching someone and miss sio win because she win

How do you feel about this term’s inquiry topic?

→ happy and i loved art

What do you already know which will help you with the inquiry topic?

→ papa and panit pasdes

Monday, 15 October 2018

leshar Cave Drawing Animation

to day we have done some of this and it was fun and some of us have done and then by 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

leshar flying fee

today we have done and then 


today we had some fun and then we have to work and we have to post it on this bolg log and then 

Monday, 24 September 2018

leshar Designing a sport: Planning and writing doc

Designing a sport

WALT organise and sequence our ideas.
WALT seek feedback and make changes to our writing.

Your task: You are going to be designing your own sport, using the instructions from the youtube video.

Use our word bank and word walls in the class to help you with words to use in your writing.

What materials/things do you need for your sport?
You will need a ball and some mates  
Where can your game be played?
Pools games with a ball and some equipment and
How many players are needed? How many teams are there?
5 players and
Competition/ Cooperation:
Explain how the players have to cooperate. Explain how the players compete.
So they cruck the ball and  
Explain the rules of your game so that someone else could know how to play it.
1.   Is to be kind and have fun and nice
2. and be cool and
Objective/ Goal:
What is the goal of your game? How do players win?

WRITE a task description
Write a short paragraph telling your blog readers what the task was for this week.
  • What did you learn? (WALT)
  • What was the task?  Designing a sport and
  • Did you enjoy this task?
  • What did you find difficult?

today we have to done this and i  love it    

lesharBig Shift: Hauora Poster


but then one day laundry and then his mates she look at the jackit and it was his dad
the boys mum
the boys dad
the boys dad say good bye dad
they side bye bye dad see you in the holidays
and then the boys dad have come to wellington
because he wave his arm and say good bye
and the dad had to leave them and the mum

this week we have done some one and then we have to do